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static-html web site design

Static-html web sites are suitable for most small businesses.  The content remains unchanged until you instruct your designer to change it.  Infrequent changes can be dealt with either on an ad hoc basis or by a maintenance contract.


N.B. if you envisage making more than occasional changes to your content, a static-html site may not be the most cost-effective investment.  In this case, a Content Management System is most likely the better option.

e-commerce web design

For online selling of a medium-to-large product range, opting for the world-leading open-source (free) osCommerce cart means that you get cutting-edge performance, maximum security and reliability for the minimum outlay.  A fresh, out-of-the-box installation of osCommerce requires less than one hour's work to set up as a working e-commerce application. The over-all cost of the project then depends upon two major factors: the amount (if any) of cosmetic and technical customisation you ask for, and the efficiency of your web designer.


content management systems

Content management systems were designed to make it possible for non-technical personnel to add and modify web site content - the text and images - easily and quickly while retaining a consistent professional look and feel to the web site.